Our Selection

Maria’s Fresh Seafood Market offers a wide variety of locally caught fish, shrimp and crab. We are famous for our seasoned steamed shrimp and tasty blue crabs, snow crab, dungeness crab, king crab and maine lobsters are also available. All fish is purchased and fileted daily and we offer nationwide overnight delivery.


Maria’s Fresh Seafood Market has a great working relationship with the local Shrimp Boat Captains. We receive fresh Bay and beautiful Gulf shrimp from the boats daily. A wide variety of fresh and frozen shrimp sizes, with the heads on or off, are available. We also offer peeled, frozen Gulf shrimp, butterfly cut tail-on shrimp, pre-breaded tail on and pre-breaded tail on coconut shrimp.


Maria’s Fresh Seafood Market handles only the finest scallops harvested from the pristine waters of the North Atlantic. All of our scallops are hand shucked on the boats and are graded in sizes ranging from U-10 (ten and under to a pound) all the way down to 80-100s.


Maria’s Fresh Seafood Market sources the freshest crab products from local waters and around the world. Our selection of non-regional quality crab includes: Snow Crab Clusters, Snow Crab Meat, Snow Crab Claws, King Crab Legs, Dungeness Crab Clusters, Jonah Crab Claws. Our selection of local Blue Crab products includes: Live and Dressed Crab sold by the dozen, Fresh picked Jumbo Lump, Lump, Claw Meat, and Cocktail Fingers.


Shell oysters can be purchased in 10 or 25 pound sacks and in 50 pound boxes. Shucked oysters come in 12 ounce containers, 1/2 gallons and gallon containers.


Squid products include whole squid, 100% cleaned tubes and tentacles. We also carry whole squid and cigar minnows for your charter fishing needs.

Fresh Fish Fillets

Fresh fish fillets are seasonally available and include Amberjack, Cobia, Flounder, Grouper, wild and farm raised Salmon, Red Snapper, Swordfish, Tilapia, Mahi Mahi, Trigger Fish, Farm Raised Catfish, Yellow Fin Tuna, Wahoo, and Shark.

Frozen Seafood

Maria’s fresh seafood market carries a full line of high quality frozen seafood products. Everything from frozen shrimp, fish fillets to warm water lobster tails.